PHA Peeling Toner 150ml

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Benton PHA Peeling Toner contains PHA (a third generation peeling ingredient) and Natural Moisturizing Factor. This toner gently exfoliates to help to smoothen and hydrate your skin.

3rd Generation PHA which makes up for the weaknesses of AHA

Not only does PHA clear dead skin cells but also hydrates the skin as it forms a protective barrier which prevents moisture from escaping. PHA has similar functions with AHA and BHA which melts dead skin cells and helps with concerns of your skin's oiliness, whiteheads and blackheads. PHA is a famous ingredient often used as an exfoliator to maintain moisture and bring forth the glow within your skin. These ingredients help prevent oxidation and allow moisture to soak into the skin.

*The information above explains the properties of the raw materials.

Ingredients tell the quality, not the brand name or price.

A healthy and natural recipe excluding 20 harmful and controversial ingredients, volatile alcohol, PEGs, silicones from the very beginning of the product planningbenton cosmetic

Mildly acidic pH

  • Mildly acidic pH where the skin feels comfortable.
  • Mildly acidic pH is similar to the pH level of healthy skin.

 Benton PHA Peeling Toner 


Mild peeling with third-generation PHA
PHA is safe from photosensitivity compared to AHA and forms a moisture barrier
Efficiently exfoliates skin with minimum irritation
Leaves skin crystal clear and hydrated with a glow
Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flower Extract and Ceramide NP soothe & hydrate exfoliated skin

How to use

After cleansing, wet cotton pads with the product and wipe skin. (Recommended use: 2 ~ 3 times a week)


Aqua (Water), Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, Pentylene Glycol, Lactobionic Acid (3%), Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Propanediol, Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flower Extract, Oleanolic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Gluconate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract, Ceramide NP, Allantoin, Butylene Glycol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Phytosteryl/Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate

Customer Reviews

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I have rosacea and very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with what products I use. However, I also have congested pores and a bumpy texture on my forehead that I feel could really benefit from chemical exfoliation. This toner feels soothing and doesn't make my skin burn and light up red like other acids I've tried. And I'm absolutely in LOVE with the unique packaging! The pump makes it easy to dispense the toner without making a mess everywhere. Please don't change a thing Benton :)

Sophia L
I Love it!

I have the most sensitive skin ever, and I didn’t react to the toner at all! No redness, burning, or any other type of symptom that i’ve had from other products! I haven’t seen any major difference in my skin yet but I am happy to say that it doesn’t hurt my face :)

Great product: terrible packaging

I really love the product. It’s extremely gentle and feels great on the skin. I think my skin is clearer since using it. However, the packaging is just awful. I read some reviews complaining about the pump and I just shrugged it off. But the pump is not really useful for anything other than applying to a cotton round. If you like to put toner straight on your face like I do, it splashes everywhere and it’s annoying to remove. I know with the global supply chain as it is, switching packaging isn’t easy. But I hope that Benton will change the pump as soon as possible.

Great exfoliating toner

Benton PHA peeling toner is one of my favorite toners. It has helped me clear up the breakouts from using a richer oil toner that I thought my work for winter. I also found it very hydrating, my skin absorbed this toner quite quickly and required me to use several pumps to cover my face and neck. I would highly recommend this great, gentle exfoliating toner for all skin types. I can’t wait to continue using this toner and see how it helps my skin for next couple months.

Jen Yves

After watching some clips on this, I decided to try this for myself and wow... I cannot believe how great this toner is. With my constant breakouts these days this is exactly what I was looking for.