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Love this cream!

I wear it as my morning eye cream cuz it’s not too greasy and melts my eye makeup. It’s also anti aging for it makes my eyes younger, smoother. Love it.


It's lightweight, absorbs well and gives the skin a subtle glow. I usually like my toners to be hydrating and I didn’t find this to be hydrating at all. The oil formulation didn’t really suit my combination skin either.

Great face wash

I didn't like this at first but I really like this now I really didn't like the smell but the smell isn't strong so I can handle it works very well on my face

Great exfoliating toner

Benton PHA peeling toner is one of my favorite toners. It has helped me clear up the breakouts from using a richer oil toner that I thought my work for winter. I also found it very hydrating, my skin absorbed this toner quite quickly and required me to use several pumps to cover my face and neck. I would highly recommend this great, gentle exfoliating toner for all skin types. I can’t wait to continue using this toner and see how it helps my skin for next couple months.

Great biphasic toner for normal to dry skin

Benton carrot oil toner is a great hydrating, rich toner. I love the ingredients found in this toner like, snail secretion filtrate and salicylic acid, plus the use of aloe water instead of water. It has a similar woodsy scent to the carrot moisture cream. For my oily skin, this was a bit too rich and heavy unfortunately. I think this would be perfect for someone with normal to dry skin.

New wintertime moisturizer for my oily skin

I am head over heals in love with Benton’s Let’s Carrot moisture cream. It’s lightweight texture easily melts into my skin yet the formula contains many richer ingredients making it a great wintertime cream. The only con is the unusual scent, to me, it smells like a camp fire that dissipates after applying the cream.

I love this!

I got this in my Ipsy bag & it's the first product that I want to repurchase after it's gone. I love the way my face feels after I've used it. I'm not left feeling like I need to rush to moisturize my face. I started using it regularly earlier this week & I my maskcne appears to be clearing up. I can't give this enough stars!

Great Toner

This oil toner is perfect for the colder months. It has a faint scent that goes away after a few seconds of spraying. The oil absorbs immediately. No tacky or greasy residue. It has helped with discoloration around my eyes and keeps my face hydrated all day.

The best face wash I’ve found!

Every face wash I use breaks my face out or doesn’t clean it well enough and I had more acne than usual. I got Benton deep green tea cleansing foam, and after 4 days of using it before bed, my face has cleared up so good! I have recommended it to all my friends & family because I’m just so happy with the results of it! I will definitely be buying more.

Great Eye Cream

I’m really happy with this eye cream. Since I’ve started using it I’ve noticed my under eyes are much lighter and even on a daily basis. Even when I’m tired in the morning, which is when I would usually have darkness, it is barely visible after a week weeks of use. The only downside, and it’s very minor, is it can feel a little thick when applying.

Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml

This is a must try! Asorbs quickly and completely leaving a non tacky finish. My sensitive skin just seems to drink this up leaving it plump and bright.

Loved that Samples

I loved that this kit gave me the option to try everything for at least a 2 week period. I've been using it every night for 2 weeks and still have product left. That gave me a good amount of time to decide if the products were right for me (and they were. I ordered most of the products in the kit in full size.)

Very creamy & lathers up into a foam nicely!

It was very creamy & lathered up into a foam immediately! My face felt nice & clean after using it!

I don't wanna be without

This stuff is glorious. And it works... FAST. Any zit I have it's gone within a day or 2. Andy redness is fading rapidly. Lil miracle in a tube.

Honest Cleansing Foam 150g

Glowy & radiant face oil

I am usually not the type to use a facial oil especially since I have oily skin. But I decided to give this multi-purpose oil a try and I loved it!! Like I don’t think I’m turning back now from it because it’s just so good. It doesn’t make your face feel overly greasy or extremely oily, it gives you that radiant glow. And when I wake up in the morning, I don’t look greasy, I look glowy and nice and that’s pretty rare for me. So if you are thinking about buying this multipurpose oil, I would absolutely recommend it!

*ps. I usually like to mix mine in with my facial moisturizer, but it also works really well by itself.

Snail Bee High Content Sheet Mask 10ea

Best Eye Cream Ever

Free of harmful ingredients. Only beneficial, friendly ingredients for the skin; really helps with dark circles and fine lines around eyes and any other areas of the face, especially forehead wrinkles. <3

Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml
Deep Green Tea Toner

It is a very hydrating toner. It is great to use before putting on your serums or moisturizer. It leaves your skin dewy and glowy.

Dewy Cream

I absolutely loooove this cream for my normal/combination sensitive skin. The texture is like a fluffy cream slightly gel like, it feels SO smooth when applying to the face. It leaves a dewy finish but feels very lightweight. My skin has been looking very smooth and clear when I wake up in the mornings. It’s working great for me in the winter applying a generous amount to my face and I think it will work equally as well in the summer time applying a little bit less. Side note...l it smells really good even though it is fragrance free. I almost never buy products again because I love to try new things but I will definitely be repurchasing this! Thanks, Benton.

My Holy Grail

I am a full-time college student, and I have so many meetings to attend and assignments to do, so I never get enough sleep, and, as a result, not only do I get dark circles but I also get visible, marked wrinkles on my forehead, which is the skin concern I struggle with the most. Since eye creams treats fine lines and brighten the under-eye area, I decided to look for one to assist my skin concerns.

I did so much research for several weeks, and (finally) I found this product. When I started using this eye cream, I saw significant results immediately after trying it for 2 weeks. This eye cream is my favorite skincare product ever since. Seriously, it’s been around 5 moths now, and I have already gone through 2 tubes of this eye cream; I just got a new one delivered at my door last week! I use this product in both my AM and PM skincare routine; my routine can’t be complete without this product. I will use the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream forever!

For more details on my experience with this eye cream, as well as what makes this product so great, check out this video!

Great Stuff!

After having stressed skin by being a stressed person in the beginning of the year, I stopped being stressed and started using this serum and my skin is all sorts of extra dewy! Will definitely repurchase.


Very hydrating and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth


This serum has transformed my skin and is now a must have in my skincare routine. It leaves my skin so supple and is great for my sensitive skin. It just sinks into the skin without any stickiness, I love it!

Mini Gift Set 7pcs