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[FREE GIFT] Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask 1ea

Good stuff

This is a very comfortable moisturizer. Absorbs into my skin very well, and feels very nice. (Many others do not absorb into my skin for some reason. Not sure why!).

I highly recommend it to others.


This is such a calming serum. Leaves the face soft and smooth and helps with my irritation.

My favorite!

I've used this cleanser for almost a year and it is my favorite facial cleanser. It is gentle but works better than most others I've tried. My skin has had little to no break outs since switching to this, the Aloe BHA toner, and snail bee serum.

Aloe Hyaluron Cream 50g
Carolyn Olivarez
Great product

I originally tried this product through Ipsy. I was so happy with it I never let myself run out. I have very sensitive skin and also cannot handle anything heavily perfumed. This cream is light, absorbs quickly, and smells fresh. My skin looks and feels wonderful.

[FREE GIFT] Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask 1ea

Aloe Hyaluron Cream 50g
Mariia Pavliuk

It absorbs pretty well. It calmed my skin down and when paired with an acne cream it didn't react. I woke up and my skin was moisturized....not like dewy how I would want but it felt and looked really good. A bit small hence the 4 stars but I know it'll go a long way. Perfect for an easy calming moisturizer. I might pair this with another thicker Read more about It absorbs pretty well. It calmed mycream to really moisturize my skin.

Great face cleanser

When I had my facial the esthetician said, she had no recommendations just keep doing what I am doing


Love how it feels on my skin!

Love this serum

This is a good serum and a little different from most serums that I have used. I have dry skin and this is perfect for me. It has a caramel colour and a bit thick in texture. I
don't detect a scent. It is easily absorbed into my skin and it does give a healthy glow. I used it after cleansing and toning but I didn't use any cream over this serum except sunscreen of course. I used it for a couple of weeks during the day and I really love using it. It does give a bit of colour
to my skin and I find it did smooth my skin texture

Changed my skin for the better!

I have had a lot of texture and acne issues and has given up on skincare after so many trials and errors. However, after finding and deciding to retry my Benton Aloe Toner, I found after four days my skin was smoother and clearer that it had been in MONTHS. Upon using a sample of the high content essence, I learned that my skin loves beta-glucan and snail filtrate extract, so I bought a large one of that too and my skin gets better everyday! I still get hormonal acne sometimes but it’s less likely to scar, or the hyperpigmentation on my brown skin will actually clear!

Very good product

The eye cream works really well. My eye bags are lighter and I use this day and night I even recommend it to a friend of mine

great eye product!

i had a great first experience using the snail bee eye treatment. the only issue i had initially was getting them to stay in place. once my skin absorbed some of the liquid they stayed in place well. it just took a couple adjustments when they slid down.

Love this mask

I really enjoyed this sheet mask because it was so calming and soothing. My skin felt really soft and refreshed afterwards.

Aloe BHA Skin Toner 200ml - Renewal
Love it

I have sensitive dry acne prone skin. I've used the product 2 weeks so far and it has helped with my skin texture as well as clogged pores without causing irritation. I recommend easing into it to prevent purging I plan on using it 2x a week.

So fantastic!

The SnailBee Ultimate Hydro eyepatches are my new favorite. They plump out fine lines, are incredibly gentle, have a faint pleasant scent. I was blown away by how bright and clear my under eye area was after use and still the next morning. And did I mention the patches plumped out my fine lines!? I'm getting this product for all my girlfriends for the holidays-easy crowd pleaser! Can I suggest Benton make a décolletage patch like this!? Please!?


I like to give my review after 30 days. That is when I feel you really start seeing any benfits. But this serum is light but feels luxurious. Like I am giving my skin a much needed boost. I will be able to give a more thorough review in another 2 weeks.

[FREE GIFT] Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask 1ea

Great for Lash Lift!

I get lash lifts every couple of months and it makes your lashes dry so I've started to use this serum. It has a lot of the same ingredients as the lash serum my tech recommends but he said this one sounds even more promising. I've noticed a substantial difference in my lashes already! I also like to use it as a primer before putting on tubing mascara to keep the lashes separate and lock in the hydration. The wand is great for getting to every lash, will definitely buy again when I run out.

Pore Clear Brush
Zoe Pribula
Amazing and Now a Go to Gift Too!

I've tried all the different brushes and pads but this is by far my favorite. First of all, pumping it up is kind of fun and therapeutic but the foam/consistency it creates is perfection! There's also a cute holder for in the shower and I want to get one of these for all my friends for the holidays!

Best Toner for dry skin

I used it with cotton pad but you can use it without cotton pad by take in in your palm. It is a water-like texture which absorbs quickly. It makes my skin smooth, clean and super soft

changed ingredients

ingredients list changed and added ingredients that break me out. disappointed after repeatedly purchasing monthly for 2+ years

[FREE GIFT] Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask 1ea

Snail Bee High Content Skin 150ml
Jennifer Benton Tucker
Snail Bee High Content

I love this product. I take very good care of my skin so I don't always notice much of a difference when I try new stuff bygones my skin has been sensitive lately send I know that k beauty is great for that so I tried this and I noticed such a difference. My skin is Dunmore send brighter send ever a little firmer. I highly recommend!


I have rosacea and very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with what products I use. However, I also have congested pores and a bumpy texture on my forehead that I feel could really benefit from chemical exfoliation. This toner feels soothing and doesn't make my skin burn and light up red like other acids I've tried. And I'm absolutely in LOVE with the unique packaging! The pump makes it easy to dispense the toner without making a mess everywhere. Please don't change a thing Benton :)