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Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120g
april morgan (Jefferson City, US)
deep green tea cleansing foam

this product is absolutely fabulous
stopped my random break outs and cleans exceptionally well every time

Fermentation Eye Cream 10g (mini size)
Leslie Gordon (Bethel Park, US)
Excellent eye cream

This stuff feels so good. It starts out really thick, but it thins as you apply it and absorbs SO well.

It’s great, the essential oil might be a skin irritant for some

It’s easy to blend into the skin, doesn’t leave white streaks. It’d be my favorite mineral sunscreen, if it wasn’t for the rosemary oil. I have super sensitive dry skin, and it mildly burns sometimes when my skin is inflamed and “exposed”. It also leaves a subtle white cast (more like a tint) on my skin, but since I’m fair, it just makes my skin look brighter- kinda like a tone up cream. Other than rosemary oil, I think it’s great. I bought the sun stick to complete the set :) definitely will buy again in the future.

I like that the The essence absorbs fast into skin and moisturizes well.

New Fav!!

I didn’t plan on trying anything to do with snails but after hearing so many things and the wonders that snail mucin does to your skin I was all in. I decided to try this over the cosrx snail 96 mucin because these ingredients had many better and more benefits. I am so happy that I tried this and will be buying more once I’m done. Would recommend this, I have dry skin and this made my skin looking so gooey and refreshed! Buy this!!

Absolutely Stunning!!

I really love this sunscreen. It’s very pretty on the skin, not matte but also not too oily on the skin, it’s the perfect ratio of matte and oily. I am already buying another one and would recommend anyone to buy this. I’m completely obsessed with this. I have tried countless sunscreens but they made me breakout, unlike this one I’ve been using it for a while and haven’t broken out.

Love it

It lightened my dark spots and customer support was amazing, thank you!

Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml
L.G. (Bethel Park, US)
My favorite skincare product of 2022

I have been trying soooo many skincare products since starting a prescription retinoid. This is HANDS DOWN the best one. It's so gentle and refreshing. My holy grail of 2022 for sure.

Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml
Elizabeth Garrett (Greenville, US)
Excellent product!

I love this toner! It is gentle enough to use every day without drying your skin, and it has definitely helped minimize my pores.

Snail Bee Ultimate Serum+ 35ml
Janelle (Woodbridge, US)

Loved these products!

My skin loves it!!

This product is very light weight and fast absorbing. I got it as a sample. I have sensitive dry skin and this product didn’t feel drying on my skin, it calmed my redness and helped fade some acne on I had on my chin.

Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120g
Christine (Mahomet, US)
Fantastic mild face wash

Gentle, & great for sensitive skin.

Fermentation Eye Cream 30g
Diana Bravo (Apex, US)
Proven Effectiveness

I have been using Benton Fermentation Eye Cream the past 2 years and receive so many compliments how young my skin especially around the eyes looks. This eye cream absorbs beautifully and doesn’t migrate into the eyes so I can wear contacts lenses with no issues. Looking to try other Benton products. Thank you for this lovely product.

Honest Eye Lash Serum 10ml
Chloe R (Apalachin, US)
Perfect hydrating serum!

I received this product from Benton and Picky in exchange for my honest review, which is that I LOVE this! It is a perfect hydrating serum to prevent lashes from breakage due to being brittle and dehydrated. Between double cleansing and wearing eye makeup, I can be quite rough on my lashes. This serum has really helped protect my lashes by hydrating them so that they can grow long. I had several patches in my lashes before starting to use this and they are full now!

It is a watery formula that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and I love the wand applicator so I can apply it like mascara! I also love the ball applicator so I can apply it to the roots of my lashes. I definitely recommend!!

Dewy Skin!

I wasn’t expecting much but when I woke up in the morning my skin looked sooo rejuvenated and hydrated !!! Give this a try I have acne prone skin and loved it!

Snail Bee Ultimate Hydro gel Eye Patch (60pcs)
Wendy Ashley (Northville, US)

I’ve been looking for a good quality pack of under eye patches and I already loved the snail bee line so I gave it a try. My undereyes feel brighter and smoother! I use them twice a week when I need a little extra on my undereyes

Snail Bee High Content Essence 60ml
Robert Brownlee (Antioch, US)

Using this product for a week now and I must say- Wow! uneven tone starts to brighten up.

Honest Eye Lash Serum 10ml
P.U. (Arlington, US)
Awesome new Favorite Lash Serum

This serum is super gentle to my super dry and sensitive eyes/ skin; I did not have any reaction to it. I never thought I needed any lash serum seriously till today; I have long lashes naturally. But these lash serum does condition my lash, feels softer, stronger and I do-not even experience any lash fallout while removing my makeup/ mascara at the end of the day and my lashes looks so much fuller with mascara after I started using this serum for real. Absolutely recommended if you are in lashes.

Honest Eye Lash Serum 10ml
Susu You (Little Rock, US)
Helped my eyelashes a ton!

👀 Benton Honest Eye Lash Serum 👀
Thank you to @bentoncosmetic for providing me with their eyelash serum to review!

👀 I have some thin weak eyelashes so I was excited to try this product out! The eyelash serum is clear. The eyelash serum wand is interestingly shaped. It is a regular mascara wand with a ball at the end. I would apply the eyelash serum to both the top and bottom of my eyelashes at the same time. Then I would use the ball at the end to run it over my eyelash line. I feel like the design of the wand really helps maximize the eyelash serum. 👀

👀 The eyelash serum doesn’t really sting unless you put way too much. If I does sting, it stings slightly for several seconds and then goes away. 👀

👀 I think the eyelash serum made a difference in my lashes! I think they are more separated, longer, and more nourished. There is more of a curve to them! I have attached before and after pics so you can let me know if you see a difference in my eyelashes. 👀

Snail Bee High Content Skin 150ml
Penelope Delgado (Lima, PE)
Best toner!!

I love this product, been using it for a couple of years and plan on keeping it in my skincare routine.

Love this eye cream

Comes in a plastic golden screw cap brown squeezable tube, very fancy looking. It has a serum like texture opaque in color, easily spread and absorbed by the skin. No scent or fragrance noted. No irritation or redness observed, didn’t sting my eyes, very hydrating and cooling when applied. Seems to fade some fine lines around my eyes, seems to smoothen my skin around the eye area and it feels soft too. Highly recommend to try this 5/5.
Got this from a giveaway and this is my own honest review.

Fermentation Eye Cream 30g
E.O. (Moorpark, US)
Great eye cream

Comes in a plastic silver screw top black squeezable tube. Looks very elegant and fancy! Creamy white texture, no scent or fragrance, very soft and smooth when applied, easily spread and absorbed by the skin, not greasy or sticky at all, very hydrating and seems to slightly fade my fine lines around the eye area. No irritation or redness noted. Not irritating at all for my eyes as well. My eyes usually gets irritated or stings when products comes in contact but this one doesn’t sting at all.
Highly recommend to try, 5/5! Got this on a giveaway and this is my own honest review!

Beer Yeast Shampoo 500ml
vella hanna ch (Semarang, ID)
Benton Beer Yeast Shampoo ♡

Usage Results
I use this shampoo every 2 days. This shampoo has a liquid texture and minimal foam. This type of shampoo is easy to rinse too. The smell is so refreshing ❤️
Instant effect after use

Beer Yeast Shampoo 500ml
A.W. (Manila, PH)


🔸A functional shampoo formulated with 100,000 Beer Yeast Extract that deeply nourishes the scalp and helps relieve hair loss.

#yeppujicare Experience ☘️☘️☘️

🔸Beer yeast shampoo yay. I got trigger once Benton post about this shampoo. Since my hair problem since 2018 (Hairloss) up to now.. This shampoo has a mild scent and very gentle on my scalp. Has a soothing effect. It feel relaxing , it’s really refreshing to use everyday shower. Leaving my hair clean. With a bit of menthol scent for me that leaving my scalp cooling effect. I also love the packaging,.

I used this shampoo for few weeks. After rinsing and drying my hair felt get soften and lightweight. Leave my hair the fragrance lingered for few hours. And my hair started to get silky and bouncy.

I’m happy that my hair started to get feel healthy. I also notice that my hair scalp started to get stronger. Not like before even I don’t touch my hair some hair will get started to fall. I’m happy that my hair like Beer Yeast Shampoo.

This product was sent to me by #Bentoncosmetics in exchange for my honest review❤️❤️❤️ Thank you @benton_cosmetics

#bentonreview #bentonshampoo #bentonbeeryeastshampoo

Fabulous Product!!!!