:: Free Gift Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask 1ea


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alex diaz (Piedecuesta, CO)

:: Free Gift Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask 1ea

Ashley Perone (East Hartford, US)
Great skin care product

This product helped me feel good about my skin

Deb Fant (Tualatin, US)
Great cleanser

This cleanser is great for my dry skin. It does a great job of cleaning, including getting makeup off, yet doesn't leave my skin tight and dry after. The scent at first wasn't great (there is no fragrance, so you're smelling the ingredients) but I've gotten used to it and the way it cleans outweighs the scent for me.

Courtney Hanchey (Duluth, US)
Great Mask

The mask is a thin lightweight sheet with a water-like essence that absorbs easily into the skin. It’s alcohol, essential oil, and fragrance free which makes it great for those with sensitive skin. The packet has plenty of essence that you are able to use on neck, arms, and hands or you can save for a future DIY mask. The mask didn’t fit my face well, but most masks don’t. It gives you an instant cooling effect and helped to soothe and calm the skin. The mask even helped reduce some redness in my cheeks. It hydrates the skin amazingly well and left skin feeling soft. I love how it didn’t leave behind a sticky residue once I took mask off. This is a great basic aloe mask that would be perfect for those who have had too much sun or have irritated skin.

✅ Fragrance and Alcohol Free
✅ Left Skin feeling hydrated
✅ Calming and Soothing
✅ Cooling effect
✅ Doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue
✅ Reduced redness
✅ Leaves skin feeling soft
✅ More than enough Essence left over for DIY

❌ Sheet doesn’t fit my face well

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