Beer Yeast Shampoo 500ml

If you are looking for cost and time effective way, now care at your home with Benton Beer Yeast Shampoo! A Hypoallergenic pH-balancing scalp care shampoo Fresh brewer's yeast-derived ingredients from Mungyeong helps to supply nourishment on hair. The raw material which fermented by an optimized mixture ration and furthermore Menthol, Biotin, Caffeine and black soybean extract gives freshness and helps to healthy scalp wash.

✓Dermatology Tested / Cruelty Free

Beneficial Skin Types: For All Skin Types
pH: Slightly Acidic pH 5.5
Consistency: Light yellow fluid formulation like fresh lager beer
Texture: Soft and evenly fine bubbles

Customer Reviews

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vella hanna ch
Benton Beer Yeast Shampoo ♡

Usage Results
I use this shampoo every 2 days. This shampoo has a liquid texture and minimal foam. This type of shampoo is easy to rinse too. The smell is so refreshing ❤️
Instant effect after use



🔸A functional shampoo formulated with 100,000 Beer Yeast Extract that deeply nourishes the scalp and helps relieve hair loss.

#yeppujicare Experience ☘️☘️☘️

🔸Beer yeast shampoo yay. I got trigger once Benton post about this shampoo. Since my hair problem since 2018 (Hairloss) up to now.. This shampoo has a mild scent and very gentle on my scalp. Has a soothing effect. It feel relaxing , it’s really refreshing to use everyday shower. Leaving my hair clean. With a bit of menthol scent for me that leaving my scalp cooling effect. I also love the packaging,.

I used this shampoo for few weeks. After rinsing and drying my hair felt get soften and lightweight. Leave my hair the fragrance lingered for few hours. And my hair started to get silky and bouncy.

I’m happy that my hair started to get feel healthy. I also notice that my hair scalp started to get stronger. Not like before even I don’t touch my hair some hair will get started to fall. I’m happy that my hair like Beer Yeast Shampoo.

This product was sent to me by #Bentoncosmetics in exchange for my honest review❤️❤️❤️ Thank you @benton_cosmetics

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This made my scalp and hair feel absolutely wonderful. It lathers and distributes really well. Washes clean. My hair was left feeling cooled, healthy and clean. My hair was so shiny and volumized. And the smell is absolutely perfect. I would describe it as a chilled Cedarwood.

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