Honest Lip Balm 10ml


Moisturizing and reliable all-day lip care with honest ingredients

Benton’s Honest Lip Balm contains key ingredients to help your lip concerns including peeling, irritation, and dryness.

A minimized tube-type lip balm for a hygienic experience! Less likely to be cross-contaminated due to direct exposure of germ contents from the fingers. Abundantly filled with. natural ingredients without harmful ingredients such as petrolatum, PEGs, mineral oil, artificial coloring, and synthetic perfumes. 

✓ 99% Natural Ingredients
✓ Evaluated as non-irritating with skin irritation index of 0.00

✓ Dermatologically Tested
✓ Contains 7 Kinds of vegetable oils: sunflower seed, argan, camellia seed, green tea see, olive, macadamia, and simmondsia chinesis see oil 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not Impressed

My lips don't feel hydrated at all after using this product. I have been searching for a lip balm that doesn't cause breakouts around my mouth, and this one didn't cause any breakouts or irritation at all. It was super comfortable to wear and it didn't have a strong smell or taste, which I really liked. But if a lip balm doesn't moisturize, then what's the point? Especially for $8. I wish it would have worked better because I liked everything else about it.

Stephanie Gonzalez
Best Lipbalm ever!

Benton Honest Lip Balm (10mL) claims to help protect and maintain soft lips due to its high content of natural vegetable ingredients and without petroleum and mineral oil. This lip balm is formulated with seven kinds of vegetable oils such as sunflower seed, argan camellia seed, green tea seed, olive, maccadamine, and Simmondsia Chinendid seed oil. You might think wow this balm sounds super oily! But it’s not! The formula does deliver a nice shimmer to your lips, but you won't taste it in your mouth like some chapsticks *cough* cough* cramax lol Especially with wearing a mask all day I hate when a chaptiskc gets all over my mask, then it ends up on my chin and etc . It's just a mess lol but not with this balm! It really locks in your lips keeping them nourished and hydrated! This translucent gel formula is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and has a slightly yellowish color and contains no artificial fragrance or coloring! Fun fact this is also multitasking! You can nourish your nose with this! By applying a thin layer to the area that's sensitive, for example from blowing your nose frequently! This can also be used as a sleeping mask and can also help enhance the persistence of perfume by applying on your wrist, behind the ear, back of the neck and elbow to increase the scents lasting effect!

Lea Joy
Soothing Lip Balm

Benton provided this BENTON Honest Lip Balm Free for testing and my honest review of the product. This lip balm is made with natural-derived ingredients. It is not harmful to your lips or skin. It is easy to apply, it’s clear, not scented or a flavor to it. I like it because it’s soaks into the dry cracks in my lips helping moisturize them leaving my lips feeling soft and healthy. The container the lip balm in is perfect for just putting in your pants pocket when you’re on the go.

Jaehee Jung
Best lip balm!

This review was written after I was given the product from Benton Cosmetics.

My lips have always been a bit or a sore thumb for me. My lips are constantly dry, flaky, and because I chew and nibble on it quite often it’s a non-stop cycle or picking the loose skin off, flaking, and picking.
So when Benton posted about wanting reviewers, I was very excited to try the product!

Lip balm is very important because your lips don’t have sweat glands unlike the rest of your face and because of that it dries very fast.
I really liked this product because it thinly adheres to your lips, locking in the moisture by creating a thin protective layer.

I personally don’t like wearing these types of lip balms because they tend to be a bit oily and sticky and make you look like you’ve not into a block of solid grease.
However this lip balm has a watery gel type texture so it’s not sticky or too glossy and still protects and soothes your irritated lips from external environment!

One really important factor to consider with lip balms is the ingredients!
Because you do end up eating or licking off the lip balm, you want to make sure they don’t contain any harmful ingredients!
The Benton Honest Line Lip Balm does NOT contain any harmful ingredients such as PEGs, volatile alcohols, petrolatum, mineral oils, artificial coloring or fragrances!
Instead it contains 99% natural ingredients including 7 skin-friendly botanical oils such as sunflower seed, argan, camellia seed, green tea seed, olive, and macadamia.
It also comes in a tube!
Tube type lip balms are less likely to be cross-contaminated since it eliminates direct exposure to other things as long as your lips are clean.

Here’s one last good news to all those who claim they need to be picky with lip balms since they have very sensitive skin!
This product is dermatologically tested and has been evaluated as a non-stimulating product with a 0.00 irritant rate from the primary skin irritation test!

So why haven’t you gotten your hands on it yet?

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