Let's Carrot Moisture Cream 50g

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Active ingredients such as carrot and orange help to enhance your skin’s glow from head-to-toe!

Let’s Carrot Moisture Cream contains plant-based oil and carrots which reduces dead skin cells, prevents moisture loss from dry parts of the skin, and supplies rich nutrients while energizing the skin. 

Nourishing care derived from nature: The carotene and ingredients in carrots provide healthy nourishment for the skin and protect the skin.

Glossy skin balance care: Various botanical oils fill the areas where the lack of moisture to care skin balance, and give you healthy glow. 

Soft application without stickiness: The yellow moisturizer cream is applied onto your skin smoothly, delivering excellent moisture and providing a smooth finish. 

Benton PHA Peeling Toner


Glossy Skin Balance Care
Antioxidant tested
Recommended for: Chapped skin & dead skin cells, Dry skin, Dull skin

How to use

Using Sequence
Serum ▶ Cream ▶ Let's Carrot Multi Oil

Apply a suitable amount to the face and softly pat until absorbed.

Customer Reviews

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Didnt work for me

I tried this as a daytime moisturizer, it left me oily after a couple hours. Overall, I think this product would work better for individuals with dry skin.

linda jordan
New wintertime moisturizer for my oily skin

I am head over heals in love with Benton’s Let’s Carrot moisture cream. It’s lightweight texture easily melts into my skin yet the formula contains many richer ingredients making it a great wintertime cream. The only con is the unusual scent, to me, it smells like a camp fire that dissipates after applying the cream.

Great cream

This is a nice cream. The texture is lightweight and smooth. It aborbs into the skin nicely. It has a light scent. It makes your skin so soft. I think this is a good cream for warmer months because of the light texture.