Let's Carrot Oil Toner 150ml


Perfect ratio of skin balance!

Benton’s Let's Carrot Oil Toner contains the perfect ratio of oil-water balance to take care of the skin balance and make a healthy glowing skin

A transparent formulation that consists of two layers, an oil phase and a water phase. Moisturize your skin evenly with fine mist that will vitalize all skin types. A slightly acidic toner to create a healthy balanced skin. 

✓ Oily toner for only dry skin?
-> If excessive oil is removed from oily skin, it causes internal dryness of the skin and the skin will produce more oil to compensate. It is okay depending on your skin condition to use this toner for oily skin!
✓ Dermatologically Tested

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

It's lightweight and fast absorbing, leaving my skin moisturized and not too greasy.


This was my first experience with a bi phase product and it did not disappoint. If you’re a minimalist, you could easily spray this then add your sunscreen and be done for the day. The mist that comes out is airy and not going to drown you.

Needs work

Enjoyed this product for a bit but then something happened with the product and it is too thick to come out of the sprayer. The oil appears to have separated

Nathan L
Horrible Packaging

I purchased two bottles of Carrot Oil Toner and both spray bottles stopped working within 10-15 presses of the spray bottle. Now I need to figure out where to transfer the content of the bottles to use the product. Very disappointing to have this isse at this price point.


It's lightweight, absorbs well and gives the skin a subtle glow. I usually like my toners to be hydrating and I didn’t find this to be hydrating at all. The oil formulation didn’t really suit my combination skin either.

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