Pore Clear Brush


A fine antibacterial silicone air cushion brush that will effectively remove impurities and sebum deep in pores. Are you still cleansing with hands? Reach deeper into the pores with easy and smart cleansing. 4,000 fine bristles at a thickness of 0.4mm. 

✓ Pump air injection, push air discharge, power intensity control

✓ Antibacterial Tested - reduction 24 hours later -> 99.9%

✓ Hypoallergenic air cushion



    ✓ For all skin types

    ✓ Helps the pore improve 7 times immediately after a single use

    ✓ Makes a soft and delicate cleansing possible

    ✓ Antibacterial silicone for easy storage

    ✓ Clears concerns of blackheads and whiteheads

    How to use

    Inject/adjust air for the brush with the pump at the opposite top end of the silicone brush.


    1. Pump air more than 6 times
    2. Gently and meticulously rub the skin for 60 seconds
    3. Store the brush in a cradle after rinsing under running water for 6 seconds

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Zoe Pribula
    Amazing and Now a Go to Gift Too!

    I've tried all the different brushes and pads but this is by far my favorite. First of all, pumping it up is kind of fun and therapeutic but the foam/consistency it creates is perfection! There's also a cute holder for in the shower and I want to get one of these for all my friends for the holidays!

    Pleasant but a bit tricky

    I found the brush mostly effective to use to get a more thorough cleanse that's not too stripping or aggressive. I like being able to pump it up to my desired hardness. It is a bit tricky to hold the brush without deflating it (you do this by holding down the middle part, whilst you pump by pulling out the handle). It is also a bit too big too really get into the corners around my nose and between my brows. But it's still a lot nicer than anything else I've used, and I love the wall mount it comes with so you can easily air dry it and it won't collect any dust.

    Brush works, cushion part frustrating

    The fine bristles work nicely to clean pores but the cushion feature where you have to pump air frequently is frustrating. The directions say to rub the skin for 60 secs, but after rubbing for 15 seconds, the cushion quickly deflates and then you have to pump again. Not worth the effort or price.

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