Ceramide Cream 10000ppm 80ml

For dry skin's barrier keeper! Nourishing cream for day and night. 

Benton Ceramide Cream 10000ppm contains 10000ppm of Ceramide and Lipid complex based on botanical source to help moisturize and protect the skin and is good for making healthy skin.

✓Dermatology Tested / Cruelty Free
✓Why Ceramide? Ceramide, which contains 50% of lipid building skin barrier, keeps skin moisturized.
✓What is lipid? Consists of Ceramide, Cholesterol, and free fatty acid, and tightens skin cell to protect skin. Non comedogenic botanical lipid complex recover weak skin barrier and enhance hydration rate. 
✓Skin-loving ingredients: Moisturizing Trehalose, Panthenol, Nourishing Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Customer Reviews

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Can't go without it!

So, I recieved this product as tester from Benton and I just have to say... I am in love with this cream! The texture is so smooth and the scent of the cream isn't very strong either~ Living in a place that is so dry and cold makes my skin so dry and tight! 😭😭 but this cream is so hydrating! It makes my skin so soft and smooth~ 😍 It even gives me a really good glow! 🤩 My face stays hydrated throughout the day even on a cold day! It first applies on a little sticky but once you let your face absorb it in, it starts to feel soft, elastic, and SO hydrated~ It makes my skin feel SO good, I don't know what I've been doing without this cream! 😍😍😍 I need more! Just for reference I put it on my really really dry hands. The video is of my dry hands and the texture of the cream. The image is of my hand after I applied it!

Great ceramide cream!

The Benton Ceramide Cream 10000ppm has 5 types of ceramides including Ceramide EOP, Ceramide NS, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AS and Ceramide AP.

Skin Benefits

Protects your skin barrier
Strengthens your moisture barrier
Guards against external stimuli
Improves elasticity
Calms skin

I love ceramides in skincare so I was excited to try this moisturizer. It moisturizes well but is still lightweight. It calmed some minor irritation I was experiencing from another skincare product. There is no noticeable scent. Overall, it's a great product to have in my skincare collection.
I received a free product from Benton as a tester.

So hydrating!!

I really enjoyed using the ceramide cream - especially because it was so moisturizing! It absorbed really well into my skin and kept my skin hydrated for the whole day without needing a second application. It also did really well with other skincare items and did not pill at all. I'm very happy with the ceramide cream and will include it in my regular regimen!

Incentivized Review

I received Benton Ceramide Cream 10000ppm free from Benton Cosmetic in exchange for my honest review. I love that Benton Cosmetic is cruelty free. I like that Benton Ceramide Cream is fragrance free. The texture of Benton Ceramide Cream is similar to a lotion. Benton Ceramide Cream absorbs quickly and does not make my combination skin feel oily. Benton Ceramide Cream does not irritate my sensitive skin.

Love it!

Hello guys! Before I do this I must state that I received this product for free from Benton.

This one is for my dry skin peeps!🙌 This pH balanced ceramide cream has 10,000ppm of ceramide and lipid complex to moisturize and protect the skin barrier. It is non comedogenic, perfect for sensitive skin.

Key ingredients:
•ceramides 10000ppm

Product: It has a thick creamy texture like a Greek yogurt.

The first time I opened it I noticed the smell,it reminds me of maybe rosemary and plastic? Not too sure but it doesn't smell too great. When applying it rubs in easily and gives now white cast as your usual cream moisturizer. It also leaves my skin glowy and hydrated,I love that it doesn't take me forever to rub in and that it doesn't burn or irritate my skin. The only downside is that it has a tacky finish and stays like that the entire day. 😭 If it wasn't sticky after drying it would be perfect. I did do a week of testing without using any of the serums so the results would be 100% the cream,in the before and after photos I see a slight difference in my skin but nothing too dramtic. What do you guys think? Overall though I really liked my experience using this product, probably wouldn't buy because of the stickiness. 8/10🌟

Note: the before us the one where I'm wearing a hoodie.

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