Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120g


Perfect for sensitive skin, this cleansing foam is formulated with green tea extracts to thoroughly remove makeup and impurities while the added camellia oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Its gentle hypoallergenic formula balances the skin’s pH levels and doesn’t strip the skin’s natural oils.


    A cleansing foam delivers gentle yet thorough cleansing of skin impurities while keeping your skin hydrated.
    Formulated with Green Tea Extract for soothing sensitive skin and Camellia Oil for moisturizing and nourishing.
    The hypoallergenic formula helps maintain the pH balance of the skin.

    How to use

    Take a moderate amount and lather up.
    Massage the face gently with rich foam and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Ashley Huntley

    Fabulous Product!!!!

    Wendy Ashley (Livonia, US)

    Love this face wash so far! The smell isn’t the best, but it makes my face feel really clean after

    victoria mccaskill (Lake Mary, US)
    Green tea and unscented foaming face wash

    Love these! The green tea has a very light scent - I am super sensitive and it does not bother me. My face feels so clean, but not stripped from this wash - and a little goes a long way! I bought extras for my mother and mother in law to try too

    Hailee Lindsley (Otsego, US)
    We use it day and night

    I have sensitive, combination skin as well as my Husband! This works for both of us and my skin has never been as clear, soft or toned! A little goes a long way and we use It every day and night! Highly, highly recommend! It doesn’t dry my skin out or make it too oily!

    Elaine Rocha (Tampa, US)

    This product is amazing! It cleans my skin so well with a small amount of product! I also think that It leaves my skin smooth and more clear!! Love it! I received it as a tester!

    Bethany lee (Huntingtown, US)
    love! & doesn’t leave you feeling dry!

    It’s vegan, alcohol free, cruelty free, and fragrance free. It literally can’t get better that then that with that combo.

    This product is really good for oily/acne prone skin types but other skin types can use as well. Green Tea helps to calm redness or irritation while Centella Asiatica and Heartleaf start to heal the skin and strengthen the moisture barrier. This product will leave your skin feeling super clean without that dry tight feeling that we all hate.