Deep Green Tea Set (Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120g + Toner 150ml + Lotion 120ml + Serum 30ml)

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✔ Set includes:

  • Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120g
  • Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml
  • Deep Green Tea Lotion 120ml
  • Deep Green Tea Serum 30ml

Skin Soothing

Green tea calms and soothes irritated skin while creating a cooling sensation 

Skin Revitalizing

Revitalizes rough skin with over 50% of green tea components

Skin Balance

Helps to keep skin in balance with rich nutrient-filled botanical ingredients


    Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam: A cleansing foam delivers gentle yet thorough cleansing of skin impurities while keeping your skin hydrated.
    Deep Green Tea Toner: Green tea calms and soothes irritated skin while creating a cooling sensation.
    Deep Green Tea Lotion: Revitalizes rough skin with over 50% of green tea components, and helps to keep skin in balance with rich nutrient-filled botanical ingredients.
    Deep Green Tea Serum: Helps to keep skin in balance with its nutrient-rich botanical ingredients.

    How to use

    Massage the face gently with Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam and rinse of thoroughly with lukewarm water.
    For sensitive skin type which is thin and becomes red or irritated easily, experience soothing & cooling on the skin with Deep Green Tea Toner fully filled with green tea extracts.
    Apply appropriate amount of Deep Green Tea Serum on the face and tap it to be absorbed.
    After using the serum, gently massage your face with Deep Green Tea Lotion. If your skin is dry, apply on layers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    A.F. (Thessaloniki, GR)
    Best creams for me

    I ve been struggling with acne for year now Its been 2 months I m using these products and I don’t breakout anymore. It hydrates my skin and doesn’t stick or irritate. My skin absorbe it very well and I don’t have a single pimple. Love them

    Koi Blue (Norfolk, US)
    Great for my skin

    I have dark melanated skin, and finding products that will absorb and not leave a sticky residue or white cast has been a challenge for me since teenage years. I’m 27 now and my skin has never looked so hydrated, dewy and smooth since perhaps pre-puberty. The cleanser is gentle enough for me to wash my face as many times as needed (I have an excessive amount of sebum and dead skin build-up for some reason) without harshly drying out my skin—which is something I desperately needed to make sure my skin is clean enough for other products to absorb (why I used to have an issue with residue/white cast). After cleansing, I spritz my face with the toner and apply hyauronlic acid as the base to help my skin soak up the rest of the green tea products. I spritz my face with toner again (making sure I keep my face moist to aid in absorption), then apply the serum and massage it into my skin really well. Then I spritz again (sounds like a lot of moisture I know, for my combination skin, it works wonders for what’s dry and doesn’t irritate the oily-prone t zone), then use a little bit of green tea lotion and message that really well. Oh yes, don’t forget the neck! And then spritz one more time and allow my skin to absorb it all. I’m left with dewy, smooth and hydrated skin that lasts ALL day!! I have never seen my skin look this nice!