Goodbye Redness Centella Powder Wash 80g

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Fresh Cleanser! Goodbye Redness. 
Vegetable enzymes and sea salt helps cleanse the dead skin cells and residue, which are the reason for redness.
Centella and active ingredients help soothe the skin's redness.
Soft and delicate foaming with the skin-friendly vegetable surfactant helps mild cleansing without irritation.
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Redness Care
Deep Cleansing
Skin Protection

How to use

Skin with redness
Sensitive skin
Skin that needs mild and light cleanser for morning and night
Oil-water imbalanced skin

Customer Reviews

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Hannah (Hendersonville, US)
Interesting Face Wash

Decided to try this face wash since I’ve had good luck with other Benton products. I have fairly sensitive/dry skin and so far this hasn’t irritated my face at all. I did notice my skin feels very clean like almost a little stripped after I use this, but I haven’t actually noticed my skin getting extra dried out. It cleans thoroughly.

The fact that this cleanser comes as a powder is pretty cool. I feel like it’ll make it last longer for me.